How to propose new File2sql features.


At file2sql we firmly believe that a happy user is a loyal user.

Good communication with users and / or clients is crucial and implies the possibility of suggesting and supporting new functionalities.

The current state of these functionalities should be communicated in a transparent and agile way.

These premises have been supported by using bizpopuli (



At file2sql this features proposals and associated votes can be found here.

You can found a full list of proposed features.

Each feature proposal has a current status, a title, a description, associated votes and comments.

All this details can be viewed in detail with a single click at the title.

Also is posible to vote with a click at vote button. ( with a limit of 10 per week )


Also is posible to filter the full list by current status clicking on settings button.

Here is the feature detail screen.

Feature detail


And finally, of course, any comments and suggestions are welcome.

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